Northern Michigan Angels
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Current Sponsors

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Michigan!  Northern Michigan Angels (NMA) is a volunteer network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in Northern Michigan, who provide accredited investment capital, strategic advice, and mentoring to early-stage companies, helping them achieve market leadership. The mission of the Northern Michigan Angels network is two-fold: to help grow the economic base of the region through the rapid growth of early-stage companies and to provide members an outstanding financial return on their time and invested capital.

As investment opportunities and interest in Northern Michigan Angels continues to expand, we welcome corporate and community sponsors. Your support for NMA identifies your business as an organization that believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and the economic opportunity that lies within Northern Michigan. 

Sponsorships begin at $1,500 per year, and available benefits include:

  • Your logo printed on selected NMA promotional materials
  • Your logo and link on the sponsorship page of this website.
  • Invitations to attend investor pitch meetings, social dinners, and workshops for networking opportunities with both entrepreneurs and investors
  • Additional benefits can be negotiated to fit your individual needs

The success of an angel investment group such as NMA depends on growth in membership and good deal flow.  We are excited about the interest that we have received and the investment opportunities that are coming forward.  Angel groups are largely supported by member and sponsor fees with most work (screening deals, due diligence, mentoring companies etc.) performed by the members as volunteers.  As such, sponsors are a very important and valued contributor to our success and the success of our entrepreneurs.

To secure your sponsorship commitment and customize your benefit package, please email your contact information to