Northern Michigan Angels


Companies receiving investment by NMA members:


Annual Report 2018

Northern Michigan Angels (NMA) set new records in 2018 for dollars invested in new startup companies and attracting new members.

  • $1.034 million invested in startup companies in Michigan - over $800,000 in companies located in Northern Michigan.
  • Since NMA’s founding in 2012 invested $4.13 million in 30 Michigan startup companies – seven Traverse City companies.
  • Member investments in 2018 covered a broad range of business types and technologies:
    • Atlas Space Operations - SAAS solution for satellite communication and new innovation in mobile antenna (Seed Round).
    • Court Innovations - SAAS solution for US court system for payment of fines, fees, traffic tickets (Seed Round).
    • GeoTixSAAS for event promotion and ticketing.
    • Inphastos – Precision manufacturing of structural building components.
    • NaveegoCloud based master data management tool for better business decisions.
    • Promethient - Design & manufacture graphene platelet applications for personal cooling and heating.
    • Tetra Discovery Partners - Developing orphan drug treatment for Fragile X and Alzheimer's Disease". 
  • Held 7 pitch events featuring 14 aspiring entrepreneurial companies based in Michigan with 3 from Northern Michigan.
  • Conducted 11 monthly update calls-ins for members about news regarding NMA investment companies.     
  • Fifteen new members joined NMA during the year – membership now totals 43 members with an extensive range of experiences, knowledge and abilities. We are actively seeking SEC accredited investors as new members.
  • Hosted two educational workshops covering topics ranging from portfolio management best practices, investment criteria, and deal lead responsibilities. Established plan for monthly workshops in 2019.
  • Added one new sponsor - now have eight valued sponsors who support our mission.   We are actively seeking additional sponsors in 2019.
  • Established a relationship with 20Fathoms, the new entrepreneur incubator in Traverse City and continue our relationship with TCNewTech.  Continued our engagement with Boomerang-Catapult to support creation of high-value startups in Traverse City.