Northern Michigan Angels


Companies receiving investment by NMA members:


Annual Report 2017

During its sixth year of operation, Northern Michigan Angels successfully accomplished the following:

  • Raised over $3.0 million since inception (1/1/2012) through the end of 2017 in 25 companies. Invested over $800k in five new companies and three existing companies in 2017.
  • New this year is that we did not participate with Blue Water Angels or Grand Angels in any deals. Instead, we were our own deal lead on four new deals, two of which were lead overall by Boomerang Catapult. We also lead a second round in TECAT that was larger than the first round.

    • Atlas Space Operations - SAAS solution for satellite communication and new innovation in mobile antenna (Seed Round)
    • Court Innovations - SAAS solution for US court system for payment of fines, fees, traffic tickets (Seed Round)
    • Promethient - Design & manufacture graphene platelet applications for cooling and heating
    • Silikids - Consumer products (infant and household goods) manufacture and sale, made from silicone. (Assisted crowed funded raise on Local Stake)
    • TECAT Performance Systems - Advanced manufacturing of wireless sensors for automotive, oil & gas etc industries.
    • Vector Center - Commercializing and monetizing inventory of significant Big Data collection along with additional current research and development (Seed Round)
    • XG Sciences - Advanced manufacturing using graphene platelets (Follow on)

  • Organized and hosted 5 pitch events in Traverse City featuring 8 aspiring entrepreneur companies based in Michigan with 3 from Northern Michigan.

  • Eight new members joined NMA during the year bringing the total to 34.

  • Hosted educational workshop with several presenters covering topics ranging from portfolio management best practices, investment criteria, and deal lead responsibilities.

  • Converted organizational structure from a limited liability company to a non-profit 501(c)(6).