Northern Michigan Angels


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Northern Michigan Angels invests in companies across the Northern Michigan region with the potential to rapidly grow into market and industry leadership. This usually implies potential for high growth, a strong market position, and a sustainable advantage. NMA will seek investment opportunities having:

  • A market opportunity sufficiently large enough to provide for significant growth of the business;
  • A compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing a significant market share;
  • Proprietary technology, intellectual property or other barriers to entry;
  • Strong management with relevant experience, a successful track record, a desire for advice and coaching and a willingness to listen;
  • An exit strategy for the investors;
  • A company valuation that fits within a predetermined risk/reward calculation for the investment.

Specifically, Northern Michigan Angels prefers situations where the company is seeking approximately $100,000 or more in total capital for the round, however, will be open to considering deals that are both larger and smaller and where the investment will take the company to the next level, thus materially increasing its valuation.

NMA has adopted best practices from the Angel Capital Association and other angel groups to make deal evaluation as simple and efficient as possible. The above criteria will be the initial guidelines, but each deal is evaluated on its own merit.

Entrepreneurs applying for funding are asked NOT to share information deemed confidential or proprietary with NMA in applications or written correspondence.