Northern Michigan Angels

About Us

Northern Michigan Angels is an organization of local volunteer members focused on private sector economic development. The group’s primary interest is in working with scalable entrepreneurial companies whose potential success will have an impact on the quality of life in Michigan, especially in northwestern lower Michigan. We welcome the participation of like minded individuals and organizations in this pursuit.

Northern Michigan Angels is a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA).


Local Success Stories 

A recent example is Silikids, a consumer products start-up headquartered in Traverse City. NMA led, along with Start Garden in Grand Rapids, the first round capital raise, putting the company in position to execute market entry in early 2014.

silikidsSilikids designs and manufactures safe, modern silicone accessories for kids. In a world of excessive plastic ware, Silikids is making glass kid friendly and silicone a staple household material! Silikids launched in 2007 and is the first mom-founded brand focusing on children’s products made entirely of SILICONE and glass. The company was co-founded by Giuliana Schwab and Stacey Feeley, whose mission was to design safe, modern and practical products offering a new function, while being easy to use and keep clean. Through strong marketing and sales efforts, the company continues to build the brand offering safe, modern and high-end designed SILICONE products, while bridging the gap between affordability and beautiful design. As Silikids continues to build the brand and promote the SILICONE benefit, its goal is to be a leading brand in the industry through innovative and modern design.

“NMA has been instrumental in helping to grow the Silikids brand! The group has brought not only financial support, but also pertinent business relationships that will continue to provide added value to the company’s mission and success. Through NMA’s championing, Silikids has been able to bring the company’s growth to the the Northern Michigan area…and we are excited! The support of NMA members has gone far beyond the scope of expected backing and is a partnership we are fortunate to have inline with Silikids! “

– Stacey Feeley, Co-Founder & CEO, Silikids



 Production of industry leading Pro Ears electronic earmuffs in Grawn, MI.Another example is Altus Brands, a company achieving growth through acquisition of brands in the hunting and shooting sports accessory space. In 2012 NMA led a syndication that included Blue Water Angels, Midland, and Grand Angels, Grand Rapids, to provide equity capital to enable Altus to acquire Extreme Dimension electronic wildlife calls.

“The NMA, by investing in Altus Brands, has helped us to continue growing our footprint in the local economy.  The initial investment allowed Altus Brands to acquire a Maine based company which was relocated to Traverse City.  This acquisition led to the hiring of two people and the leasing of additional warehouse space in our Grawn facility.  The growth of revenue and profits spawned by this acquisition subsequently led to the acquisition of another local company which might have been sold and moved out of the area.  This acquisition saved two jobs which will remain in the area.  Without the NMA investment our growth would have slowed and would result in fewer purchases from local vendors, less spending in local restaurants and fewer visitors to our facility who stay in local hotels.  We believe the partnership we have with the NMA will allow us to continue to prosper and grow.”

– Gary Lemanski, President, Altus Brands.